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Does a camera count as "gadget" ?
Anyway, I really like the interval timer feature on my Optio W20 - apart from the obvious uses (e.g. making a time-lapse movie of the bump-out of the stage/tech at the Discworld Con last year), I've used it to see which parts of our roof get sunshine through the day (when we were trying to decide if solar hot water would work for us), and to monitor the temperature inside the house pre-insulation (which reminds me, I should do a post-insulation comparison). Who needs a temperature logger ?

I found some Linux software that takes a series of images and makes a movie file out of them - unfortunately, the best it can do is one image per second in the movie file ... it must be repeating each image for 24 or 30 frames - why can't I make it repeat for 5 frames, say ? Anyone know of a handy (free!) tool under Windows or Linux that'll do what I want ?

The next gadget is my new Dremel - the old one has been flaky for a few years now, only running intermittently. I finally got around to putting it in for repair a few weeks ago, and it came back on Monday, with the main switch/speed control replaced - and it still only runs intermittently. I took this as a sign to get an early birthday present, so I have a shiny new Dremel (digital ! Wait, what ? And why ?!). I've been using it for rabbets and dadoes for a pair of bookcases I'm making, and it's making the job much easier and neater than sawing/chiselling would have been.

And my Ay-up bike lights continue to be great - I don't need them as much while riding at the moment, because I've moved to earlier start/finish times at work, but they came with a headband mount as well, and that makes them incredibly useful for the above-mentioned wood-working. rwrylsin bought a set for herself, too, and I think she likes the way drivers actually leave some room for her and give way at intersections when she's using them (possibly because they've been dazzled by the blinding bike lights :-) ).

Mmmmm, gadgets.

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