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Belated report of Reasonable day of Triumph ...

So, last Sunday was Around the Bay in a Day, at which I rode the 100km Sorrento to Melbourne leg. The ride went well - my original plan was to take it easy, take a break at every rest stop (every 25km or so) and generally cruise along.

That plan met my competitive streak, even though it was Not A Race, so I found myself zooming along with various small groups of riders, and only made one brief stop to remove my rain jacket. Ended up doing 98km at an average of 30.8km/h, which is quite reasonable indeed.

It's probably been 15 years since I've cycled that far with no rest breaks, and that's probably the fastest I've gone on a ride of that length since some time in the very early 90s, when I was still competing in cycle racing of various sorts. Goes to show what riding to work about three days a week since June has been doing for me.
It's still possible to sponsor me (proceeds to The Smith Family, helping disadvantaged children) here.

And ... I think I'm going to enter the 210km event next year, to "celebrate" turning 40. Or something. That could be a whole new challenge, I was pretty confident that I could do 100km, but I've never done more than 150km in a day before. Some training may be required :-)

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