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Ho hum ...

Another week passes. On one hand, there's plenty happening to keep me busy, but on the other hand ... I'm feeling somewhat vague and unexited. In the last week I've fenced twice (including another fiendish lesson), had a dance lesson with rwrylsin, started working out which of our non-fiction books we're going to sell or give away, which we'll put into storage, and which we'll take with us to the UK, rearranged one bookcase and filled it with various magazines, and played a lot of Neverwinter Nights.

Magazine-wise, I mentioned New Scientist earlier in LJ. I also have quite a few issues of The Economist , some Scientific American , various cycling and photography magazines, various other magazines (the general current affairs sort, mostly), and a number of issues of 24 Hours , the program guide of the ABC radio stations (which also has articles on the arts and politics and random other things). If anyone wants just about any of them (I may keep selected issues), let me know (comment here, or e-mail to david.cook at pobox.com).
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