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A lazy day at home ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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January 3rd, 2010

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09:10 pm - A lazy day at home ...
So, back to work tomorrow. Today was a lazy day at home ... so I've helped rwrylsin take down the Christmas decorations, done a bunch of pruning in the front yard (a pittosporum was starting to take over - more pruning required, but at least we can see the eucalypt next to it now), installed an archway for a rose bush to climb over (see photos below), hung a birdhouse up in one of the cypress trees out the back, lifted 150 pavers from the patio (about 80 more to move, that can be tomorrow's task), done dishes, and taken out the rubbish and recycling.
Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a lazy day after all ...

This rose bush (one of approximately 10 in the front yard, although given the number of Stealth Roses we didn't even notice for three or four months after moving in, there could well be others lurking about) was very large and untamed when we moved in - doing its best to be a briar patch all by itself. In August, we got it pruned back to just a stump - e.g. in this photo, all that was left in August was the woody stump portion, no green stems left at all :

Yesterday, it looked like this :

What isn't so obvious from the photo is that some of the stems have reached nearly two metres in length ! Since August ! Apparently we have a good garden and/or climate for roses. What is also fairly obvious from the photo is that this bush is probably a climbing variety of rose - so today, we gave it something to climb on :

Obviously, we'll never be able to move the archway again, as the rose bush will completely take it over. At least there will be some point in the year when it should look very pretty.

ETA: rwrylsin has also posted about the roses and the state of the garden.
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