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500 km ...

So, tonight the odometer on my bike computer passed 500km since it was last reset, around the beginning of October.
I guess that's ok, but I used to ride a lot more. In fact, I can remember this one week, back in 1991 ...

(reminiscence mode on)

Back then, I was a fit young racing cyclist in Adelaide. This particular week, sometime in March or April 1991, went as follows :
On the Monday, I rode 120km - from my house in Largs North to the city, then out East-North-East-ish,heading up Gorge Rd ("up" in this case being about 400m of climbing) and out East some more, through Gumeracha and out to Birdwood, and then back to the city where I caught a train home (lazy me :-) ).

I didn't do any riding Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but then came Friday. I headed out from home, through the city, and East again, up Norton Summit Rd (another 400-500m of climbing), then around South and East a bit and back down into the foothills (Glen Osmond area), then climbing again, around 300m up to Belair, then South to Clarendon, back to Belair and out West to the coast, and home again, for a total of about 150km.

On Saturday, it was road race day at the club. On that day, it was 54km, a simple out-and-back course. I managed to stay with the leading bunch, although one or two riders had broken away from us. The finish was somewhat strange - I found myself in the middle of a group of riders, doing around 55km/h, and feeling that I could go faster if only I wasn't boxed in by the others.

And finally Sunday, criterium day, where I rode from home to Elizabeth (around 20km), then raced for 50 minutes or so (I can't remember how I did), and rode back home after the race, for a total around 76km.

So, there I was - 400km in a week. Puts my 25km per week these days in perspective, doesn't it ?


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