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Brief update ...

The garden is going berserk ! This is mostly a good thing, it means we haven't killed everything off just yet, although some taming is required from time to time. rwrylsin has photos of some of the flowers (mostly roses !) around at the moment.

We're getting kittens ! Two ginger-ish ones, both female. Due to be desexed and microchipped and so on in a couple of weeks, and then they can come and take over the place. rwrylsin has a few photos of them. PS Suggestions for names appreciated !

We have solar power ! During the day, the electricity meter mostly goes backwards (I checked on Saturday morning, when it was moderately bright overcast, and it was still going the right direction). Effects on bills etc won't be known for a while, but should be good.

The laundry ... isn't quite finished. Missing a couple of doors, mounting area and vent through wall for the dryer, tiling, and then painting all around. Unfortunately, all except the painting are being done by other people, and first we need someone to come and confirm what needs to be done and then start coordinating them. Any. Day. Now.

Life ... is good ! See above, especially the kittens :)
I don't really remember the kitten phase of the previous cats I lived with, I was pretty young, and they were all strays, so I'm not sure what ages they were found at anyway. We got to play with them on Sunday for about an hour, and were duly amazed at how much energy they had ... and also cuteness.

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