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Here, have a kitten :


She doesn't have a name yet, although we've almost made a decision ... (apart from "Pouncer", "Strife", or "Gorgeous", which all apply at various times, and "Ella", the name she had at the cat rescue place).

Here's the other one, Miss Abigail Eliza (Climber Trouble Adorable) Cat - Abby for short (Eliza was her name from the rescue place) :


"Pouncer"/Ella :

Both of them, looking quite adorable :

And here they are, attacking someone's eeeeevil boots :

So, how's the first week of having kittens been ? Wonderful ! They are friendly, playful, rather intelligent, curious, quite pointy, sometimes exciteable, and totally adorable.
They love pouncing on each other and their catnip toys, they apparently regard shoes and shoelaces as dire enemies, to be disposed of with great enthusiasm, and will happily scale their way up to my shoulders (from where they are always on the lookout for somewhere higher still that they can leap to - without luck so far, although I'm sure we'll come in one day to find them stalking along the window pelmets or tops of bookcases). We've started letting them roam around most of the house now while we're home (the computer/Lego rooms are still out of bounds, they do like to chew things), and they seem to be enjoying that too. Whee !
If anyone wants to come and meet the kittens, we'll be home on Sunday afternoon, you're quite welcome to drop by sometime after 2ish ...
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