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Health, kittens, work, etc - He's just this guy, you know.

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December 21st, 2010

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08:25 pm - Health, kittens, work, etc
So, what's been happening in my life lately ? Apart from kittens, of course (yay, kittens !).

Well, back in November, I went for a "Men's Health Check" (my half-million km service) at the local clinic, filled in a questionnaire, had an initial consultation, then came back a couple of days later to give blood samples to be tested. I figured they'd get in touch with me when the blood test results came in, but apart from a card with my blood group (A Rh(D) Positive), I heard nothing. I gave in and arranged a follow-up appointment, and went along yesterday. The only worry to come out of it was a slightly low B12 level - I had a B12 injection yesterday, and two more to come in six and twelve weeks. Apart from that, apparently everything is ok - even, amazingly, cholesterol (total, and LDL/HDL levels and ratio). Considering that my diet consists mainly of foods that usually raise cholesterol (e.g. deep-fried chips, meat of all sorts, snack food, etc), I'm somewhat surprised (I always figured that my cholesterol level would be surprising, though - either to me, because it was low or normal, or to the doctor, who would be trying to work out how I was still alive).

Ok, kittens. They're still adorable ! And all of the other adjectives from last time. They're also remarkably easy-going - we had six people around on Sunday afternoon, and thunderstorms that evening, and a carpenter working on the laundry on Saturday morning, and they've taken it in their strike. Apparently any lap will do, it doesn't have to be me or rwrylsin.

Work-wise - my contract with $BANK ended on Nov 25th, and I joined as a permanent employee on the 26th. I'm happy with my role there, and the team I'm in, and the project we're on seems interesting and potentially long-lasting. And we're a pretty diverse bunch - the team of eight that I'm on has people with origins in Vietnam, India (three different states), Thailand, the UK, Australia, Philippines, and one more joining soon, from South Korea (I think!). Looking at the rest of the project and we add Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Greece, Egypt, Italy, and probably some that I've missed.

All in all, life is going pretty well at the moment, here's hoping 2011 turns out as well.

ETA: And I'm almost completely unprepared for Christmas ! If I'm lucky I'll buy a few presents for a few people and get them delivered in time for Australia Day or so ...
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Date:December 21st, 2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
"In their strike"?? Mental image here of kittens carrying banners that read " We want more fish" and " No visitors without Whiskas treats.."...Or were you influenced by being constantly pounced on..:-)

Joking apart it sound like you have a sociable pair of owners.. oops I mean pets there.( sorry Cleo nearly let the secret out there about you guys owning us..)In our house first Murr and now Katia inspects/inspected vistors immediately sitting on a lap and asking for food and then everyone else gathers round in a friendly circle. I think cats are much more group animals than the animal behaviourists let on. Were they ferals originally your pair,or brought up with a lot of other cats - that can make them really keen to socialise with other animals and people, and include them in a "group" constantly leg rubbing and scent marking.

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