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On kittens, and internets, and seasonal greetings, and NYE plans ...

Go see rwrylsin's post introducing the kittens - they're cute, and growing rapidly.

And here's a random kitten photo - we've been letting them explore the garden. They were tentative at first, but they're happier now and starting to climb trees - here's Ella, about 3 metres up the jacaranda (which isn't flowering yet, unlike everyone else's), and here she is wandering down the steps :
Ella exploring the garden

Also, see this post for our NYE BBQ + games + kittens plan.

And finally, belated Merry Christmas ... I think I sent Christmas wishes on Twitter and FB, but forgot DW/LJ. Also, I've been on an "Internet diet" for the last week or so, we're very (very!) close to the bandwidth allowance for December, if we exceed it we get to pay punitive rates per Mb. We switch over to a much better plan on the 1st of Jan (6 times the allowance per month, for $20 less, and no excess charges), but until then I have about 150Mb left for use at home. In some ways, it's a good thing I'm back at work this week :-)

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