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Brickvention video ...

So, at the start of Brickvention, I set up a camera to take photos at 10-second intervals. It took 650 of them, and now I've made them into a video.
With a bit of luck, it'll show up below (my first attempt to embed a video, anything could happen!).

And how was Brickvention, you ask ? Mad ! But lots of fun. I'm not sure yet how many people we had come to the public display, but at one point, the queue went from the Town Hall, along Collins, Russell, Little Collins, and back down Swanston to the Town Hall again !
And we had lots of AFOLs (and TFOLs and KFOLs too!) along on Saturday for various Lego-related fun and games. It was all good ... bring on 2012 !

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