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Census meme thing ...

(so, apparently it's almost Census time in the UK; ironically, rwrylsin and I lived there between Censuses and didn't even register as a blip in the statistics.)

27th March 2011: Assuming nothing drastic changes in the next couple of weeks, I'll be living with rwrylsin and two lovely kittens (Ella and Abby) in Nunawading, Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently working at a bank, doing Unix-y scripting and stuff. Life is pretty good ...

27th March 2001: Living with rwrylsin in Melbourne. If I recall correctly, this was around the time we found out we had to move from our rental property in Ashburton. We'd been there about 18 months, and would have been happy with longer, but it was sold and the new owner wanted it for themselves. As it turned out, we found a very nice place in Malvern instead. I was working for a bank (same as now), doing Unix-y scripting and stuff (actually, I've recently tinkered with some of the scripts I worked on back in 2001).

27th March 1991: Living with my parents, and maybe one or two cats and a dog, in Adelaide. Relatively fresh out of uni, and looking for work. A month or two later, ended up working in the Maths Faculty at the uni I graduated from, doing ... hmmm ... Unix-y scripting and general computer support stuff.

27th March 1981: Living with my parents, and probably three cats, in Adelaide. At primary school, life had its ups and downs, mostly good.

27th March 1971: Living with my parents in Thevenard. Busy being a 6-month-old baby, probably asleep most of the time.

... what's interesting in this is how much of my life the 10-year sampling misses - all of Whyalla, Port Pirie, Scotland, high school and uni. You could pick a different starting year and get a completely different picture of who I am and what I do (well, maybe not that different, there are certain trends apparent up there).

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