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Two years !

Ok, time for an update.

House - it's been two years (and now two three days, because apparently it takes me a while to finish a post) since settlement on our house ! rwrylsin has posted about the anniversary here.
We're still very happy here, and have no plans to move for ... just about ever.
At least for quite a long time. And I'll finish unpacking and sorting through those last pesky boxes any month now ...

Kittens - awwww. They are still adorable and wonderful. Abby and Ella are quite different, despite being sisters. Abby is relatively high energy most of the time (although slowing down a bit now that they're about 8-9 months old). Ella is much more relaxed most of the time, but when she's hyper, she's really hyper. Abby will settle down on my lap when I'm on the computer, after a number of loops up onto the desk and down to the floor and back to the lap. Ella keeps to herself more, except when she needs an Emergency Cuddle for a few minutes.

Cycling - still riding to work pretty regularly (four days last week, three the week before; it depends on the weather, and which office I need to go to).

Fencing - I've been doing some ! Only on Saturday mornings at the sessions run by rwrylsin, and which weapons depends on who's there. I have a vague intention of doing a competition again sometime ... I'm sure my knees will hate me for it, though.

Work - keeping me busy, but mostly in a good way. I get on well with the team, and we're doing pretty good work. I've been tinkering with Ruby a bit, it's a neat little language.

Life - generally pretty good.

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