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First half(ish) of MIFF - He's just this guy, you know.

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August 2nd, 2011

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12:16 am - First half(ish) of MIFF
MIFF is the Melbourne International Film Festival, and somehow we've ended up with a plan to see thirteen movies

Here are my thoughts so far:
13 Assassins - good fun samurai movie, with a significant chunk taken up by the final battle. I enjoyed it, but I may have been spoiled a bit by all the mid-90s wuxia I saw, which often had ludicrously spectacular battles.

Into Eternity - very slow-moving documentary about Onkalo, a Finnish nuclear waste repository intended to last 100000 years. Very interesting, covered much of the same material as Greg Benford's GoH speech at WorldCon 1999.

Animated Shorts - collection of short animations, and ... I wasn't as impressed as last year. Lots of weird, a distinct lack of plot, and I didn't feel that any new ground was broken technically either.

Tales of the Night - lovely ! Also animated - all of the people were shown as silhouettes, but it was in 3D - and that worked quite well. The story revolved around a small theatre group (in Paris, I'm guessing), performing a series of short plays in various locations around the world.

Accelerator 2 Shorts - Australian and NZ short films (with a bonus Canadian). All were good, some funny, and I thought Nullarbor (CG animated) was better than any of the animated shorts from the other session, and very amusing too.

You Are Here - wow. Mind-bending philosophical weirdness - if you attended [personal profile] rwrylsin's philosophy panels at recent conventions, this is the movie for you. Favourite of MIFF so far, left me with a big grin on my face.
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