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Wow, time flies ...

It's been DIY week[3] here in darkest Nunawading[1]. In the past week (well, 12 days now), I've finally installed the cat door (leading to the cat run), painted most of the WIR, installed wardrobe units in the WIR (except for a drawer unit, which needs a hole in the wall first), made a shelf to hold fencing bags, and started painting sections of skirting board for the WIR.

The kittens[4] were unsure about the cat door at first, we had to hold the door open the first few times they went in or out, but they adjusted quickly and now seem to be enjoying it a lot. Ella just pushes the door open with her head, Abby pushes with a paw first, then uses her head and body.

The WIR - it used to have a built-in shelf, with a hanging rail underneath, supplemented by some cheap Ikea shelving. Now it has the same amount of hanging space, but loads and loads of shelf space and storage space. The drawer unit is on hold at the moment, though, we need an expert to make the hole in the wall to make sure the stairs don't fall down :)

Still to come - more painting (half of the WIR, plus wooden shingle panels for part of the front of the house), and possibly finally getting around to making some bookcases that I've had the timber for for around a year now. And lots of reorganising, to make all of the fencing gear easier to get to. And going through the boxes of papers dating back as far as high school (errr, 1984 or thereabouts).[2] And installing something to lock bicycles to. And ... so on.

[1] Not actually all that dark. Maybe that should be "dampest" instead ...

[2] Some people would suggest that if I haven't looked at it in a year (or two, or five), just throw it out un-looked-at. Well ... no. Just no. First, I don't know *exactly* what's in the boxes - and my first glance found a photo of a relative that I definitely want to keep. Also, that stuff is part of *me* in a way - call it "external memory", because the built-in type doesn't work as well as I'd like. So, the stuff stays for now, and gets looked at ... when I get around to it :)

[3] When I started writing this post, it was a week. Now it's closer to two ... I don't seem to find much post-writing time these days, mostly because one (or both) hands usually gets occupied by a kitten when I'm at the computer.

[4] Ok, they've probably reached their full size, and are getting close to a year old now, and they've already slowed down a little from all-pounce-all-the-time kitten-hood - but they're still kittens to me :)

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