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More fencing results ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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October 13th, 2011

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12:52 pm - More fencing results ...
Yesterday's events were men's epee, and women's sabre.

Women's sabre :
1. Sophia Velikaia (RUS)
2. Mariel Zagunis (USA)
=3. Olga Kharlan (UKR)
Julia Gavrilova (RUS)

Placings for Aus/NZ/GBr fencers :
38. Joanna Hutchison (GBR)
44. Louise Bond-Williams (GBR)
54. Chrystall Nicoll (GBR)
59. Sophie Williams (GBR)
93. Alexandra Carroll (AUS)
104. Caitlin Taylor (AUS)
106. Jessica Brooks (AUS)
121. Cheryl Chan (AUS)

Factlets: Youngest competitor was born in 1996, oldest was born in 1972.
Velikaia has been in the top 10 of women's sabre rankings since the 2003/04 season, but this is her first major title (Olympics/World Championships).
Velikaia was 2nd at the Ghent/Gand tournament in 2007 - [personal profile] rwrylsin was also there, and came 77th (they didn't fence each other, though).

Men's epee:
1. Paolo Pizzo (ITA)
2. Bas Verwijlen (NED)
=3. Park Kyoung Doo (KOR)
Fabian Kauter (SUI)

Placings for Aus/NZ/GBr fencers :
31. Seamus Robinson (AUS)
70. Jonathan Willis (GBR)
154. William Dolley (AUS)
169. Ross Austen (AUS)
171. Zaccaria Casagrande (AUS)

Factlets: Youngest was born in 1995, oldest was born in 1961.
As far as I can tell, this is Pizzo's first major tournament win (he has previously placed 2nd and 3rd a few times). He was at the 2008 Challenge Monal tournament, and came 46th. I was also there, and came 96th.
Seamus Robinson (AUS) beat the 2009 World Champion, Anton Avdeev, in the round of 64, but lost to Alfredo Rota in the 32.
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