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More fencing results, again ...

The final individual events at the World Championships this year were men's foil, and women's epee.

Men's foil first :
1. Andrea Cassara (ITA)
2. Valerio Aspromonte (ITA)
=3. Victor Sintes (FRA)
Giorgio Avola (ITA)

More medals for Italy ! They've had a good tournament so far.

Factlets: Youngest born in 1996, oldest born in 1971.
Cassara has been in the top 10 of men's foil rankings since 2003/03, and has won 21 tournaments in that time, but this is his first win at World Championships/Olympics.

Placings for Aus/NZ/GBr fencers :
27. Jamie Kenber (GBR)
34. Laurence Halsted (GBR)
35. Richard Kruse (GBR)
82. Edward Jeffries (GBR)
109. Jozef Slowiaczek (AUS)
115. Mark Jamrozy (AUS)

Women's epee:

1. Li Na (CHN)
2. Sun Yujie (CHN)
=3. Ana Branza (ROU)
Anca Maroiu (ROU)

Placings for Aus/NZ/GBr fencers :
15. Corinna Lawrence (GBR)
52. Elisa Albini (GBR)
61. Georgina Usher (GBR)
68. Evelyn Halls (AUS)
110. Jennifier McGeever (GBR)

Factlets: Youngest born in 1996, oldest born in 1967.
Li reached no. 1 in the Women's Epee rankings in the 2006/07 season, coming 2nd in the World Championships that year, but had fallen down the rankings to around 80th place before this tournament.
She came through the tournament the hard way - winning only two bouts in her pool, and fighting eight DE bouts on her way to winning. This was her first win at major Championships (Olympics/World).

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