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Final fencing update ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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October 18th, 2011

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11:50 am - Final fencing update ...
Final update on the results from the fencing World Championships, the team events.

Men's Sabre :

1. Russia
2. Belarus
3. Italy
4. Germany

... that looks like a pretty traditional bunch for sabre :)

(closely followed by Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, and USA)

And Australia in 23rd.

Women's sabre :

1. Russia
2. Ukraine
3. USA
4. Azerbaijan

11. Great Britain
22. Australia

Women's Foil :

1. Russia
2. Italy
3. Korea
4. Poland

14. Great Britain.

The final featured a come-from-behind victory for the Russians, from 35-39 down, to win 45-44.
The Italian team featured the Gold and Silver medallists from the individual competition,
but Larisa Korobeynikova managed to outscore the new World Champion 10-5 in the final bout to seal the win.

Men's Foil :

1. China
2. France
3. Germany
4. Poland

9. Great Britain.

Another close final, China started the final period up 40-35. Le Pechoux gained 9 hits to 4 to take the match to extra time, but the Chinese fencer managed to close it out 45-44.

Men's Epee :

1. France
2. Hungary
3. Switzerland
4. Korea

25. Australia

The 3rd/4th place play-off was a low-scoring match - final score 15-14 to Switzerland,
the score remained at 0-all for the first three periods, and 1-0 after five !
(I suspect liberal use of the "passivity" rule !)

Women's Epee :

1. Romania
2. China
3. Italy
4. Germany

14. Great Britain

The final was another low-scoring match, won by Romania in extra time, 27-26, with China's Li Na outscoring her opponent 9 - 7 in the final period, not quite enough to catch up for the win.
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