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Adelaide ! Plus random other stuff ...

Right, first the main news - rwrylsin and I will be in Adelaide soon ! Arriving on the afternoon of the 26th, departing again on the 30th. Anyone want to catch up ?

In other news:
- finally bought a flute ! I got a Pearl Quantz 665RBE, with open holes, split E, offset G, and a B foot (errr, translation for non-flautists - it's shiny ! :-) ). Have had a few practice sessions with it now, and it does indeed sound good.
- have clocked up just over 18,000km on my bike (since Dec 08), and I'm now getting near my goal for the year of 6,500km.
- made a shed ! From a kit, that is. Well, except the door doesn't fit, so I need to adjust it a bit ...
- ... and that was in aid of turning a room from "it looks like a fencing club exploded in here !" into something resembling a nursery. Once the fencing gear is moved out, painting will follow, then we'll be vaguely ready.
- read rwrylsin's LJ for updates on "Bub" (or "Bump"), life in general, and cat photos.
- how can it be less than 10 days until Christmas ?! Who authorised this ? I'm not ready !

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