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A touch of black ...

Ok, been a while since I posted. First, something that happened on Feb 28th - I saw the Sisters of Mercy ! They were in town for the Soundwave festival (which I wasn't going to), then announced a gig at the Corner Hotel for the 28th. I figured this was a rare chance to see SoM Down Under (I am pretty sure that they toured some time around the late 80s or early 90s, but I was living in Adelaide and they only played in Melbourne - although I can find no evidence on the online lists of SoM gigs that I've found).

Anyway, I duly dressed in black and went along, admired the various frilly shirts, stompy boots, and makeup (and that was just the guys !), and had a great time.

In a way, the current Sisters of Mercy are a kind of Sisters of Mercy cover-band - Andrew Eldritch is still the lead singer, I'm presuming the drum machine is still Doktor Avalanche (these days appears to be three Mac laptops !), but the guitarists are just whoever he happens to be touring with at the time. They played with lots of energy, though, and Eldritch still mostly hits the right notes in the right places (not bad for 53!). On one hand, it would have been nice for longer versions of some tracks, and on the other hand, to fit in some of the less-often played tracks - so overall, I'm pretty happy with the set list chosen and 21 tracks played in 90 minutes.

Of course, people were taking photos and short videos, here is a sampler of the whole set.

And (just so I can remember it later!), here is the set list :

Dr Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
First and Last and Always
Crash and Burn
No Time to Cry
On the Wire
Gift that Shines
This Corrosion
Flood II

(encore 1)
Somthing Fast
Vision Thing

(encore 2)
Top Night Out (Instrumental)
Temple of Love

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