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Day 9 of Baby ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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April 1st, 2012

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10:44 pm - Day 9 of Baby ...
So, today we decided to be brave (some would say foolhardy) and head in to the Baby and Toddler show at the Convention Centre. The main goal was to try on a couple of different baby carriers, with optional goals to find a mirror to put in the car so we can see the baby in the rear-facing car seat, and find something as a present for our new nephew. Oh, and stay vaguely sane and upright while doing all of that.

Amazingly, it all went pretty smoothly - Bub[1] apparently likes being driven around and slept for most of the driving time, and also likes being pushed around in the pram. We also found a carrier that seemed to work - they let us wander around the place with it for about 30 minutes, and he slept almost all of that time. We did try a different carrier as well, but it didn't seem as easy to get into, nor as comfortable for Bub.
Also found the mirror and present, and got home just in time for the next round of feeding to begin.

Meanwhile, rwrylsin has posted some photos, and her status report at 7 days.

Broadly speaking, things are generally going ok, we do get breaks of 3-4 hours while Bub sleeps in between feeding sessions (I think we've moved on to cluster feeding, so the session itself takes an hour or two to complete). Have managed to finish a couple more small fixit jobs around the house too, hopefully I can cross most of them off the list while I'm on leave (two more weeks).

[1] Like rwrylsin, I mostly call him Bub, Bubski, Bubkin or Bublet, and hardly ever use his actual name. I'm sure I'll get over that soon enough ...

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