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Bits and pieces ...

Right ... Bub is just over four weeks old ... how did that happen ?! He just got here !

... time is doing strange things at the moment, apparently :)

So, on Tuesday last week I went back to work, and mostly survived (lacking in sleep by the end of the week, of course, but I'm used to that).
Bub is doing well, and rwrylsin has posted her four-week update, and more photos (go see the photos, they're cute !). (she also posted a cat update)

So far six of Bub's eight grandparents have visited, and I think they've all found him adorable. At some point, we need to visit Adelaide for the final two grandparents - those of you who have travelled with babies and/or young children, what's the best age to do it, and would it be better to fly or drive ?

Other things ... I appear to be watching The Voice (Australia, apparently everyone else has done this format already), not quite sure how that happened. They're doing blind auditions at the moment, and I like the general positive vibe from the coaches, even for those performers that none of them choose for their team.

I've been playing Skyrim (since late January), and finally finished the main quest. There are still major questlines I haven't touched yet, though, and I have a bit less free time for some reason, so I think it'll keep me going for quite a while yet.

I've made more bookcases ! One in stained pine, one in multi-coloured paint (Lego colours, more or less - the yellow, red and blue were matched from bricks I took to the paint store, green based on the nearest match I could find on paint swatches, and orange based on us having some orange paint around from some previous jobs). The Lego-coloured one is taking a while to paint - in retrospect, I should have made it from MDF instead of pine, it's taking quite a few coats (especially of the yellow) to get the coverage I want.

Finally, a little bit of disappointing news - this will be the first Olympics since 1948 that hasn't had an Australian fencer competing. Clearly it's up to rwrylsin to address this by training up a bunch of super-sabreurs (should be ready by 2028 or 2032 !).

Belated Edit: I messed up the "more photos" link above, please try again !

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