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LJ Scrapbook migration ...

So apparently my photos have been migrated from the old LJ Scrapbook to the new photo-hosting service. Except none of my albums have a preview image now, so I have to go in and manually update all 43 albums (plus sub-albums, presumably).
And 10 images had problems, but it can't show me those images because ... you guessed it, they've moved everything off Scrapbook. Do they really expect me to notice which 10 of 900 images are missing ? (errr, and 9 of them were untitled, so that isn't going to help either :) )
And how on earth did 10 images get "corrupted" when I know I uploaded perfectly good images (some time in the last 8 years or so ... ) ?
This is why I mostly use Flickr now, or just share photos straight from my phone through Twitter, which is far easier than messing around with LJ these days ...

Edit: And tags (not that I used them much) were also lost. Possibly comments and descriptions too ? Not sure, I didn't use those much either :)
And the sub-galleries are now at the top level ... Really, LJ ? The best you can do ?
(and the albums say "No preview", but they call it "Add as cover" when you're viewing an image. And you can't add it as a cover from the gallery view, you have to click down to the image.

In summary: They've foisted a new system on us which to user[1] doesn't appear to have any advantages over the old one, and has many disadvantages, and the disadvantages get worse the more you used the features of the old system. Well executed, LJ.

[1] I'm sure there were sound technical reasons to do it, but they really needed to pay more attention to how people would use it, and how the migration process would work (hint: losing information that users have entered should never be an option).

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