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Belated thanks !

So, this is the post where I thank a whole bunch of people, starting with :
All the relatives of rwrylsin and I, for their presents and advice and good wishes.

A whole bunch of people who have given us gifts, and I'm almost certainly going to forget some people, because, you know, three-month-old in the house, so please don't be offended if you've been forgotten here, because we really do remember and appreciate you once our memory has been jogged accordingly :-)

Anyway, to mireille21, dalekboy, tikiwanderer, mortonhall, traeemery, leonhard, hespa, aurellia, toley_elf, and more ... thanks !

And finally, two especially awesome people. kbpenguin crocheted this awesome Settlers of Catan-inspired blanket, as modelled by Alistair, aged roughly 11 weeks:
Alistair wrapped in Settlers of Catan blanket

Alistair lying on top of the Settlers of Catan blanket

Alistair under the blanket, looking a little lost

And this blanket, woven by chocolatetrudi (and I've now seen how much effort the loom takes to set up, so ... wow !) :

Alistair wrapped in woven blanket

Alistair lying on woven blanket

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