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Just made it for July ...

Hello world. Apparently I don't get around to posting very often these days ... I blame the cats ! Or maybe the baby :)

The past month (and a bit) has been a blur, mostly baby-related, strangely enough. I did come down with a cold (first in about four years !), but apart from that, things are mostly pretty good.
rwrylsin has been much better about updating her LJ, so I'm just going to link to her Bub-update posts: 13 weeks, 14 weeks, 15 weeks, 16 weeks, 17 weeks, and 18 weeks. Whew. Time is flying !

Finally, a quick note on fencing at the Olympics - no Australians qualified this time around, first time since 1940-ish. So far the British fencers haven't been having a great time either - only one (out of seven) has beaten a non-British fencer in a DE bout. Maybe they'll turn it around for the team events ...

... and now to post this just before midnight and sneak it into July :)

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