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Zombie David is here ...

And another week has passed by. Need sleep.

Monday was work and dance lesson and grocery shopping and game playing. Tuesday was work and fencing and computing. Wednesday was work and ... more computer time. Thursday work and fencing. Today work, a lunchtime wander up to Melbourne Uni, thinking that a bunch of LJ people would be around for O stuff. Saw laurenmitchell, juzbunny, hespa, sols_light, saikogrrl in passing. Saw Anna-who-is-not-mistressscarlet, but didn't see Anna-who-is-mistressscarlet, finally connected face and LJ of fin, apparently pearl was around somewhere, and there were probably more that I didn't know about.

I now want clever sunglasses that put little LJ username tags on people in real life, so I can work out who's who.

(in case anyone saw me and had no idea who the tall ponytailed guy following around after sols_light was, ... it was me. Hi.)

After that, back to work, for a mostly uninspired afternoon, then off to a 20th birthday BBQ for a friend who fences at Monash, then off to MSFC to hand over money collected from selling fund-raising chocolates (it wasn't hard, I reckon I spent $20 on them myself, and someone else in my cubicle at work is also a chocoholic, so they didn't last long).

Must sleep now, fencing comp. tomorrow morning.

Sunday - Sydney Rd Street Party. I'll be at the MSFC stall in the afternoon, come along and buy cheap books !

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