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Phone time !

The short version: Looking for a new phone, and new plan/contract.
The phone: Android smartphone, usable amount of internal memory (8Gb+), ideally also microSD capability.
The plan: Good network coverage (which mostly means Telstra - are there any resellers ?). Need plenty of included data (currently 1Gb plan). Ideally $50/month or less (current is $49).

So, my phone contract is coming to an end (got it just before WorldCon in 2010).
Normally I'd be happy to keep my existing phone and move to a cheaper plan of some sort.
And I've been very happy with my phone (HTC Desire) for the last two years in almost every way ... except one.

The internal memory, required for many applications (some can be moved partly or wholly to the SD card, but many can't), is very limited - I think there was around 160Mb free when I first got the phone, and I've been regularly seeing the "Phone storage space is getting low" for most of the last 2 years. I've held off installing any new apps for months now, even though there are quite a few I'd like to try, and it's getting pretty frustrating.

So, I'm looking for a new phone. Android, of course. Must have at least 8Gb, preferably 16Gb or more internal storage. It would be nice if it could also take microSD cards, as I have a 16Gb one in this phone that I'd like to transfer over.

I can see three options :
1. Stay with current network (Telstra). Advantage: Best coverage - even in my near-CBD office, some of my co-workers complain about poor reception, and I have no issues.
Disadvantages: Cheapest plan with a new phone is at least $60/month, more than I'd like. Limited selection of phone models as well.
As for pre-paid options, even more limited selection of phones, and mostly pretty basic models.

2. Switch network. Advantage: Cheaper plans possible, much wider range of phones to choose from. Disadvantage: Coverage (see above), and Optus were mostly incompetent last time I tried to sign up with them.

3. Buy a phone outright (via eBay or something), then move to a cheaper plan or pre-paid with current network.
Advantage: Coverage, plus cheaper plan.
Disadvantage: Needs a chunk of cash upfront, and all the usual risks of buying from eBay.

... thoughts ? Suggestions for which phone models I should consider ?
Apart from the internal space, the Desire has pretty much all that I need from a pocket-sized computer (that happens to make phone calls too).

Finally, once I get the new phone - is there a way to transfer all of my apps and settings and saved data across ? (e.g. bookmarks/browsing history, contacts, call history, SMS messages, etc)

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