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All The Happy Occasions !

So, in the space of a week, Bub has turned 6 months old, I've had a birthday, and rwrylsin and I have celebrated 9 years of marriage. 9 years ! Feels much less than that :)

Anyway, things are generally going well in the land of Bub, and pretty good for us too. He even sometimes randomly sleeps through the night !

I keep seeing people saying LJ is dead ... and then I had to go to skip=100 to catch up after a day off reading ... not so dead, I'd say !
(says the person who posted once in August, and probably once for September :-) )

I was going to post a poll, too, but I'll just do the lazy version:

When did you start to crawl ? (or did you skip crawling, and roll / scoot / walk instead ?)

When did you start to walk ? (... or whatever means of getting around you use as an adult)

(feel free to also answer for any kids you may have too)

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