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Rambling on fatherhood ...

Right, so, I'd been meaning to post something like the previous post (about Glitch) since around the time they announced it was closing. Oops.

Next in the meant-to-post-about-it list :

I was planning to post something about fatherhood, around the time of Father's Day ! (September 2nd !)

So far, being a father is about 50% excitement (We get to teach him to juggle ! And read ! And run and cycle and watch all our favourite TV shows and movies and play with Lego and take him cool places and ... *breathe*), 50% terror (I can barely manage my own life, now I have someone else's too ?), and 50% exhaustion.

But mostly it's good, and now that Bub is 9 months and a bit, there are plenty of fun moments to go with the nappy changes and Bub-calming and stuff, and that excitement for all the things we can do as a family in the future is bubbling away in the background too.
... and we're starting to think walking might be "just around the corner" - then again, we thought that about crawling for a couple of months before he really got it worked out.

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