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2012 on wheels

Final cycling tally for the year: 5002km
(down a bit from almost 6300km in 2010 and 6520km in 2011 ... but we did have Bub arrive this year :) )
Bicycle odometer is around 23,270km (since Dec 08). In that time I've replaced one wheel, quite a few tyres, the entire drivetrain a couple of times ... but it's still rolling along pretty well.

This year I'm thinking of aiming for around 5500km, and might try to do one of the big "event" rides (probably not Around the Bay, maybe Amy's Gran Fondo or similar sort of thing). First I need to get my position on the bike reassessed, I've noticed that on rides of 40km or more I start getting some pain in all the diodes down my left side my right knee/upper calf/side-of-leg area.

... and I need to find out what the best options of Bub-transport on bike are - trailer or seat or other.

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