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Bike Trails of Melbourne, no 2 - Mullum Mullum Trail - He's just this guy, you know.

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January 16th, 2013

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05:49 pm - Bike Trails of Melbourne, no 2 - Mullum Mullum Trail
Right, time for the next trail review ... I suppose I should tag these so they can be found later :)

So, this time I'm looking at the Mullum Mullum Trail - it continues on from the Koonung Creek Trail, starting around Springvale Rd, and turning into the Eastlink Trail somewhere past Ringwood.

Firstly, for commuters, this section of trail is not particularly useful - even as a connection to the Koonung Creek Trail, it twists and turns quite a bit, and has some reasonably tough hilly sections. Most commuters would save a lot of time by using the roads instead.

For a serious cyclist, again, the twists and turns make it hard to maintain a good speed or rhythm, and the hills are short and sharp, which isn't really what the serious cyclist looks for in a hill. Might be more suited to serious mountain bike riders, as the profile might be more like what they'd be used to.

The trail is probably best for casual riders - the scenery is attractive, the trail follows a creek most of the way, and runs between the back of suburban areas and forested reserves. However, some caution is required on descents and turns, and the hills can be hard work.

For riding with kids, I probably wouldn't recommend this section of trail, at least for the younger ones (I'm thinking 5-10ish age), as some sections are quite technical, and would require good bike control and concentration to manage, and the hills require good use of gears and enough leg strength to get up them.

Next post - Eastlink Trail, Ringwood to Carrum.

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