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This should be possible ... right ?

It seems simple - I want to play music quietly while heading off to sleep, and loudly in the morning, preferably all from my iPod. [1]

There's an alarm mode, which lets me pick a playlist to start up with, and a sleep timer, but I can't see an easy way to adjust the volume of one or the other to meet the requirement.
Any suggestions ?

[1] Many years ago, I used to do this using a timer switch, a dual tape-deck and a CD player - before sleep, I'd put deck 2 in record mode, then pause it - then I could play a CD and adjust the recording volume to quieten it. The timer would turn everything off after a while. In the morning, it would turn everything on at a suitable time, and the tape-deck could be set to automatically start playing from deck 1 - and this was playing at full volume, so could be suitable for waking me up (I can sleep through surprisingly loud music, though - I once had a nap while at a rave).

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