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February 28th, 2013

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10:51 pm - Almost ...
Every winter, sometime around July, there's a cold, windy and damp week where I ride to work once or twice and think "now why didn't I do more riding in summer ? When it's warm, and I get to ride home in daylight, and probably won't get rained on and even if I do, it'll be warm".

This year, I managed to do more riding in the summer, particularly in February. In fact, I worked from home on four days, rode to work on 15, and only took the train once, on Tuesday this week.

I was trying to make it a train-free month, but the pouring rain on Tuesday morning persuaded me otherwise - at my current office, if my cycling gear gets wet on the morning ride, there's no good way to dry it in time for the evening ride, and cold, wet cycling gear that's been hanging around in a bag all day is extremely unpleasant to put on.

I may try to make March train-free as well, with one WFH day each week, and plenty of riding, but Autumn is just around the corner, and I wouldn't want to bet on too much more dry and warm weather to ride in. And then the end of the month will roll around and DST will end, and it'll be back to long sleeves and riding home in the dark and waiting for October to come back again ...

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