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Random stats ...

Something I was idly pondering while riding to work today :

Places I have worked over the years :
1991-1996 - University, 10,000ish employees

1998 - Contracting company, less than 10 employees, but contracting for :

1998-2004 - Financial institution A, 40,000 or so employees.

2005-2008 - Financial institution B, about 250,000 employees.

2009-2012 - Financial institution A, 40,000+

2012-now - Consulting company, 120,000+ employees. (and still doing work for Fin. inst. A)

... so I've never really worked in an actual small business (or even medium).
Hmmm ...

(on the one hand, I suspect my JOAT tendencies would be more useful in a smaller place; on the other hand, not sure the money would match up with "market rates" and all that ... )

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