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Nearly missed June ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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June 30th, 2013

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10:21 pm - Nearly missed June ...
Brief life update:
- Life currently revolves around work, cycling, fencing, Bub, and squeezing in other stuff around the edges of those.
- Work is going ok, currently out at the Docklands HQ of $BANK (Docklands, Melbourne, in case there's any confusion). I'm currently juggling software across 200-odd Unix servers, projects are getting delivered, and I only need to rant at rwrylsin about the inevitable frustrations of working in large organisations every now and then.
- Cycling - over 600km in February and March, over 500km in May and June - and 838km in April. Certainly the most I've cycled in a month for about 20 years, maybe not quite the all-time high, but close to it.
- Bub ! He's 15 months old, walking everywhere, starting to get the hang of climbing stairs and working on furniture, which will add a whole new dimension to the existing mayhem. See lots more on his progress on rwrylsin's LJ.
- other stuff - well, there was Continuum 9, which was fun even though we were working our schedules around Bub (I got some quality play time with mireille21 and shazgirl/dalekboy's kids, apparently I'm good to jump on and piggy-back on and be chased by :-) ). Every now and then I poke at my Lego for a while, will have to starting building for the next Brickvention soon.

... all in all, going pretty well.

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