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More about the Daze ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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December 20th, 2013

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11:52 pm - More about the Daze ...
So the previous post gave an example of a working day in my life.
That was fairly typical for a day where I rode to work (I usually do that 2-3 days a week - just under 22km each way, hence the various showers/changes along the way).
Other working days I take the train (wake slightly later, leave for work slightly later, also leave work somewhat later to be home for 7pm), and I try for one day a week working-from-home (no travel time ! More Bub time ! Makes for a happier David all round ...).

Of course, that was a day from near the end of the year (Main project is shut down for the next two weeks, other projects are going quiet), at other times of the year the start may be earlier, lunch may be shorter, and I may be stuck later (although, again, I try to make it home by 7pm for Bub-time, and for rwrylsin to run fencing on Tuesday nights). And at various times there will be after-hours and weekend work (fortunately, that can usually be done from home). So on the whole the working hours generally balance out to an acceptable amount for me, my employer, and the people I'm working for.[1]

Of course, that pattern is getting thrown out for the next three weeks, because I'm on leave. Yay !
Current plan is to do as little as possible, that's probably optimistic once Bub realises I'm around all the time though.

[1] I'm employed by a large consulting company, and a bunch of us are working for a bank[2] - since the bank is required by the contract with the consulting company to pay overtime or allow TOIL for extra hours worked, we're generally not pushed for extra hours in the same way that regular bank employees are.

[2] The bank I used to work for, until we were moved to the consulting company last year in a "transfer of business" arrangement. Ah, corporations.

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