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I'm mad !

So, I rode to work today. Today when the maximum temperature was over 42°C. I'm mad !

But the decision made sense at the time, more or less :

The options were:

1. Ride.
The morning ride would be ok, because it would be cooler then. The ride in normally takes 50 mins riding time, 60 mins elapsed.
I'd take the afternoon ride slowly, drink lots of water, and stop and rest if required. Ride home would take 60 mins or so riding time, 70ish total.

2. Public transport.
My closest train station is closed at the moment due to rail crossing replacement works up the line. There are bus services replacing trains up the line and down one station to Blackburn.

This means my normal trip to work (5 min walk, 30 min train, 5 min walk or tram at the end), would become:
5 min walk, X min wait for bus, Y min bus trip, Z min wait for "connecting" train, then 30 mins on train, plus 5 min walk/tram at the end. I think X+Y+Z would be at least 15 minutes in the best case, making 60 minutes, about the same as the time spent riding. Also, the train would be packed, so (wearing "business casual" work clothes) I'd almost certainly get hot and sweaty anyway. At least on the bike, I've already planned for a shower/change at the end.

And the trip home has the same X+Y+Z, but at the hottest time of the day, so trains are at best running slower, but more likely being cancelled and rearranged or just stopping. The 60 min trip could easily turn into 90 or 120 - and on Tuesdays, I have to get home by 7 to get Bub settled so rwylsin can go to fencing.

So train was ruled out due to inconvenience and uncertainty, plus probable discomfort anyway.

3. Drive.
I've never driven to CBD or near-CBD for work in all the years I've been here.
But, here's how I think it would go :

In my current location, driving would mean first braving the Eastern Freeway at morning peak (where the normal 20 minute leg to Hoddle St could easily be 30min or more), and then navigating my way to the complete opposite side of the CBD and through to Docklands - again, easily 30 minutes, probably much more at that time of day (and there's a road closure on one of the main roads to the CBD from this side of the city, so the Eastern and nearby roads are likely to be worse than usual).

Looking at it another way - when I ride, the first 15km or so are mostly along Maroondah Highway (under a few names). Every now and then I pay attention to the cars I see around Blackburn or Box Hill - most cars turn off or stop along the way, but sometimes I catch the same cars around Kew or Richmond - and that's still to the east of the CBD, anyone driving to Docklands has the slowest leg to wrestle with. I contend that no car can cross the CBD through to Docklands as quickly as a cyclist (well, this particular cyclist), so basically - I'd beat a car over the 22km from here to my workplace by bike (at peak hour - non-peak, the car might win. Have to try it sometime :) ).

Finally, driving wasn't really an option anyway, because rwylsin needed the car today.

So, I chose to ride. The morning did go ok, it was 23°C when I started, and already 34°C at Docklands by the time I arrived (9:30am).
It was 42°C when I left in the afternoon, though, and still 40°C here. I did struggle a bit along the way - ate my emergency jellybeans, even - I tried to tell myself "I used to ride in this sort of heat all the time in Adelaide" - but that leaves out the "... when I was 20 years old" part, it's a bit different at 43 and counting.

Anyway, the ride was slow, and probably took a bit more out of me than I expected - but I still managed to spend the hour (ish) after getting home with Bub (winding him down to bed, a bit trickier when he's skipped his afternoon nap), and now, having had dinner and flopped around all evening, am feeling somewhat recovered.
And I don't have to do it again tomorrow, because I'm working from home for the day.

Will probably do it again on Thursday, though, which is also forecast to be 41°C ... because I'm mad :-)

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