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Lots of catching up ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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May 3rd, 2003

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06:44 pm - Lots of catching up ...
Hmmm, I've been slack in updating this. Here goes.

The weekend before last was incredibly and amazingly lazy - the best way for a weekend to be. Even better, it was a 4-day weekend, thanks to Easter holidays. We did go out, and saw The Brotherhood of the Wolf , which was not quite what we expected, but enjoyable anyway.

Last weekend we fenced in a State Teams fencing competition. Unfortunately, I haven't been training much this year, because of my knee problems, and it showed that day - our team came 2nd, mainly due to the heroics of the other two on the team. Then, on the Saturday evening, we celebrated Lisa's 26th birthday, with dinner at The Dragon Inn (of course), and then random socialising back at our place (including a relatively quick game of Talisman that was all over by 2am.

Meanwhile, I have a new scanner, and have been scanning some of my favourite slides and photos. The results of all of this will be up ... someday.

I also have a tape drive, so I can finally do "proper" backups.

Finally, we're off on our holiday - tomorrow ! Look for updates here on our trip to Scotland, Wales and England.
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(En garde !)

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