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Movies in 2015 ... - He's just this guy, you know.

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January 5th, 2016

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10:22 pm - Movies in 2015 ...
Well, I'm cheating a bit, because I only saw one at the cinema, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but I want to note down a few thoughts I had on it ...

First, the nitpicks (and these are pretty small things):
1. At some point I started noticing the sounds of peoples' footsteps, and they were just slightly jarring - first because they sounded just like some of the footstep sounds used in some Star Wars games (thinking of Jedi Knight mainly), and second because right at the end, when someone is climbing stone steps, the footstep sound used is far too loud for the situation (I could go up similar stone steps in my stompy boots almost silently, and the character involved wasn't wearing stompy boots ... ).[1]

2. It was good that Poe gave Finn a name ... but maybe he should have asked Finn if he liked the name Finn, rather than just "assigning" it. As I recall the dialogue (badly !), Finn's reply wouldn't even have to change, Poe could have just said "How about 'Finn' ?" and it would have flowed on.

Now for other thoughts:
As many people better with words than me have noted, this film had lots of different audiences to attempt to satisfy, and lots of functions to fulfill. Yes, it played safe and had many similarities to SW IV, but it provides a good launching point for the next film. (Of course, if the next one(s) repeat plots from V & VI too closely, then I'll be somewhat disappointed).

For me, the film achieved something else - it made me want to read, play or watch something Star Wars-related afterwards, which is not something I've felt great drive to do in recent years.
I'm also considering seeing it again, which (with two small children in the house) is definitely saying something good about it.

Anyway, overall opinion is "thumbs up", definitely worth watching.

[1] There might be a bit of circularity happening here, as I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Jedi Knight games had some work done by ILM (and/or people who'd worked on the original trilogy), so maybe the games got the footsteps sounds from the movies in the first place, and VII is just re-using the same "soundscape".

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Date:January 5th, 2016 01:25 pm (UTC)
He may well be good looking in other roles, but for some reason the costume did nothing for me in that role. I didn't think he was ugly, but we did think that Han and Leia would have really good looking children and he didn't quite match that (for us, obviously.)

I can see a younger version of Benedict Cumberbatch though now that you mention it. He'd probably look better in less black, heh.

I probably found the tantrums funnier than I should because my son is currently doing them on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. I was happy that he didn't kill anyone but it was still highly amusing. And besides, if he's out to emulate Annakin... he'll probably get to the killing everyone who annoys him bit. You're right about the Dark side being chaotic, I hadn't really thought of it like that. Possibly describes my son's tantrums fairly accurately too.

I had no idea Phasma even had a name until I read the plot holes summary. Poe was barely in it, and seriously has a movie ever been so completely blase about a character being thought dead and then being found alive? It was really low key and kind of weird.

Wrt the Empire... I dunno. The original pre-Lucas-added endings I could see them rising without Vader and the Emperor quite easily ("we've liberated the forest moon of Endor! Yay!") but the additional bits made it clear that the idea was that the liberation was universal. How the Republic failed to notice a large snowy weaponised planet being built reasonably close to them though... well, they were obviously distracted by the need to rebuild civilisation and trade and trade disputes etc.

I kind of liked that the stormtroopers were back to being different heights though. :-) Not entirely sure what the narrative about the clones/stolen babies is going to end up being though. But I liked Finn, and if the Force Awakening means that some characters are being awakened without actually knowing why and how and what's actually going on... hey it works for me.

Actually now I think of it I really kind of want to know how Ren ended up with Darth's helmet. Seems like a weird family heirloom to hang on to, the symbol of your father's tyranny.

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