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Yargh :)

Ok, time for an update on the week.

Monday ... I can't remember what I did in the evening - probably nothing of consequence.
Tuesday ... I had a day off work to deal with some MSFC business. That business turned out to be a non-event (someone didn't turn up), so I had a day to do things. I used the afternoon somewhat productively, organising a bunch of files on my other Linux disk so I could back them up more easily. Then, as I described in my LJ entry that day, I had a spot of computer bother. After much fiddling around and cable swapping, I found that it was indeed the primary IDE channel on the motherboard - I could boot from a rescue CD (CD-ROM drive in the 2nd channel, of course), and if either HD was also in the 2nd IDE channel, I could happily read files and do stuff. I did so and made frantic backups of all the important stuff over the next few days. This absorbed my Wednesday evening after work, and Thursday evening after work and dancing, and a bit of Friday too (although there was less free time with the MSFC involved).

Saturday ... went to Chadstone with rwrylsin to finalise the opening of a UK bank account for us, although it seems this will now involve a detour to London to be able to use it. Had a few hours at home (more backing up), then we went to dinner at a Russian place, and had a nice dinner and a small amount of dancing (all the dances we know are ballroom, and we're relatively green at the Latin-style stuff, and they all seem painfully formal when confronted with an actual dance-floor and a variety of music and people watching (ok, people might not actually be watching me, but tell that to the bits of my brain which got conditioned during primary school and high school to believe so, for all the wrong reasons). Maybe we need to get ourselves along to some of the social events organised by the dance school place, and work our way up to it ... ), and got home relatively late.

Finally today. Got up painfully early for a Sunday (8:30ish), to go and join in with the Great Melbourne Bike Ride - this is where a large number of people wearing distinctive orange t-shirts ride around in a great horde along an interesting course around the city. This year, it included a run around parts of the Grand Prix circuit, a detour down to Williamstown, riding over the Westgate bridge, and passing through Flemington racecourse. Fortunately, the weather was good (coolish, a little overcast to start with but sunny later), and I zoomed around the place quite happily.
I came home, showered and changed, and then I was off again, this time via tram to the computer swap meet/market to get a new motherboard. I browsed around and found a decent price on one of the models I'd looked up earlier that were suitable for my existing components, bought it and a hard case for CDs, and came home again. I demolished a large bag of crisps and a cup of coke while flopped on the couch reading The Well of Lost Plots , then napped for an hour or so, and finally got up and started the motherboard installation. Everything seemed to go ok, I made the obligatory blood offering (ow), and the new motherboard is in place. The case on this computer is actually quite old - it was part of a computer kreggan put together for me in Adelaide about 8 years ago, and has been used with the various upgrades since. Today, for the first time in 8 years, I realised that it has a slide-out motherboard tray ... yargh ! Just call me observant ...
Finally, I booted it up, checked the BIOS settings, and then tried out the two OSes on this computer. Mandrake (Linux) booted up fine, picked up the chipset etc of the new motherboard, and was all happy except for not seeing my USB mouse.
Windows XP ... was not so happy. Didn't give any messages, just rebooted the computer. Next time around I got an option to boot into safe mode, which printed a few messages about loading drivers, and then also rebooted the computer. Hmmm ... maybe it needs a "safer-than-safe" mode ?
(actually, I remember having similar problems with earlier editions of Windows, they cope very badly with motherboard changes, and often choke on other hardware changing too ... let's see if I can be bothered reinstalling with two months to go before selling the thing and moving overseas).

Of course, nowhere in the above do I mention the astonishing amount of packing I've done in the past week ... oh wait, that's 'cos there wasn't any, all my time being taken up with work and dead computer and going places and being very vague. Yargh.
Time to stop update and start doing dishes, removing random-stuff colony from ironing board in kitchen (it's only been there a day, and is already covered), removing ironing board from kitchen, find floor again, then start packing, and sorting Lego, and putting clothes away ... oh yeah, and eat and get some sleep :->

(as I've been typing this, I've rebooted the other computer again, and changed a BIOS setting relating to USB mice, and it seems to have picked the mouse up fine. Full marks to Linux, then :-) )

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