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900km of weekend ...

(this tale of my weekend may seem similar to rwrylsin's, but that's not really surprising, since we were never far apart)

On Friday night, I got home lateish from work, lazed around a bit, fiddled with computer backups and things, and late in the evening, organised my things for the trip to Horsham, for the wedding of Dave and Cindy, two friends of ours (Dave is a fencer; we've known him for 8 or so years. Cindy isn't, and we've only known her for a few years ...).

Saturday started far too early - I prefer my Saturdays not to have an "AM", but this one did, and it was the 8ish variety rather than 11ish. We got up, filled up with petrol (this becomes vaguely relevant later), and went to Chadstone to seed our UK bank account with a reasonable amount of money (reasonable in pounds becomes painful in our dollars, of course), and post a whole bunch of stuff to the British High Commission (they'll give Lisa and I handy permit thingies which let us live and work in the UK (we hope)).
We went back home (having forgotten to take the mini-map of Horsham which would help us find our motel, and to put suncream on, which would be silly when planning to drive for a few hours on a nice sunny day). The drive was uneventful, rwrylsin and I took turns driving, and we arrived in Horsham in good time, at about 2:15pm (the wedding was at 3pm). I lunched, rwrylsin snacked, and we both dressed up and drove the very short distance to the church. The service was not too long, and quite religious. From listening to people at our table at the reception talk (later that evening), I gather that it wasn't the full-on Catholic service, but a more generic Christian-with-hints-of-Catholic one - various prayers, a couple of hymns, and the vows and things. All this seems somewhat strange to rwrylsin and I, since neither of us follows any sort of religion, and we're unfamiliar with the rituals and goings-on that everyone else seemed familiar with.

After that, we wandered off to a pub in town, played pool and a dice game with Tim, Eugene and Min-Jiun (two of whom are fencers), then briefly back to the motel room, and then walked down to the reception (even closer to our motel than the church). The reception was fun, we walked, danced a little bit (I need to learn dances more suited to general social dancing, most of the ones I know don't really fit with the sort of music played at these things (or at least, don't match up with the way most people seem to dance)). We left there a bit after midnight, and went back to our room and sat in the spa for a while (Mmmmm, spa), and then slept.

Today started in the AM as well - I'm sure this is a bad habit of some sort (especially on weekends). We breakfasted and checked out of the motel by 10:15am, and started our drive home. We had decided we were going to go the scenic way - heading mostly straight south first, down to the coast, then back to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road, which would give us lots of photo/touristy opportunities. While leaving town, we passed a petrol station - we looked at the gauge and figured we had enough for now (about 1/4 of a tank). Not very much later we saw a sign indicating that the next place to buy fuel was 105km down the road. We thought about this for a few minutes (having already done 325km), and decided we had enough - just. Needless to say, we watched the fuel gauge getting lower ... and lower ... and lower, and finally started counting down the kilometres to the point where we could conceivably walk to get petrol. Fortunately, we did indeed have enough petrol and breathed a sign of relief at being able to throw in half a tank of very expensive fuel. We drove another 25km after that and stopped in a town called Hamilton for lunch and another driver swap, and filled up with petrol there.

Onwards after that, to the coast (with a brief photo stop at a large hill named Mt Rouse, which had quite spectacular views. I hope to put some up for viewing somewhere (assuming I have a bit more luck with my USB card reader than I currently am, (sigh)).

I am getting too tired to type coherently, so this will have to be part I, with part II to follow tomorrow ...

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