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Graaar. Retyping because Mozilla froze. I'm sure this won't be nearly as clever or interesting as the first time 'round.

So, 6 more days of work. Feeling partly Yay!-ful and mildly sad about this.

So, on Friday we flew over to Adelaide, and spent the evening lazing around and helping Dad with computer questions. On Saturday, after sleeping in a bit, we visited Ruth & James (and their "furry children", cats named Victor and Pandora), and sat around chatting about jobs and life and the SCA (I've been a fringe SCA person for a number of years, although haven't done much of anything in recent years). After that, on to visit dalmeny and dmw and Alex and Gabrielle for a BBQ/roast, and catching up with more Adelaide friends (including George and Linda, both ex-Adelaide people back for the weekend). Dinner was delicious, and the company was pleasant too, chatting on until moderately late. On Sunday, we came back to sunny Melbourne, which was indeed ... sunny !

Not as sunny as today, though, 31ish degrees, rather different from typical Melbourne Autumn weather. I'm sure the rain and coolness will return, though.
Yesterday, had lunch with Josh, who used to work in the same area that I'm currently in (when he was around, it was a project, with over 150 people; now, it's a department, with around 40). We chatted about our Scotland move plans while wandering down to Metal Mayhem. Ironically, didn't find the CD Josh was looking for, but I got the new Graveland album (Yay ! More crushingly grinding black metal goodness :-) ).
Last night I went fencing, for possibly the last time in Australia before we go - had two bouts and a final lesson.
The last few nights I've been ... sorting Lego. I have a bit of Lego. Well, quite a bit of Lego. Ok, lots and lots and lots of Lego. And it needs to be sorted before it can be packed. (Well, doesn't have to be sorted, but I'm sure I couldn't stand packing it away for 4-5 years knowing that some of it wasn't sorted). Nearly done now, fortunately. When it's all sorted and packed that'll give us back a corner of the kitchen and two tables, onto which various other things (e.g. all my old university notes (!)) can be stacked and sorted into keeping piles and throwing-out piles. Wheee, what fun.

Ah well, back to the packing I go ...


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