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May 3rd, 2004

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01:09 am - David the pack animal
So, after finishing work, driving to Canberra, spending 3 solid days of SF Con-attending, another day of touristing, driving 520 km to near Bairnsdale, spending another day touristing, and finally driving 280km back to Melbourne, what would any sensible person do ?

Well, not what I've been doing. Yesterday, I moved about 30 book boxes and a large amount of Ikea shelving parts from around our flat downstairs to the garage. Today, with help from sols_light, we moved another 10 large boxes, a large kitchen table, and three bookcases (I made them myself; two are 180 x 90cm, one is 210 x 120cm, all made of solid pine; they're very solid, reasonably sturdy, and very heavy, a fact which I regret when it comes time to move them), and more Ikea shelving bits. While I've been doing this, I've had two computers hard at work; one is recording tapes to .wav files (and giving us Net access and firewalling and all that good stuff), and the other is ripping CDs, encoding .wav files to mp3, occasionally scanning slides, and printing box labels for things we're packing. Meanwhile, rwrylsin has been cataloguing the remaining books (over 1470 in the database now, which means we likely have over 1500, because there are always some lurking around somewhere ... ), packing boxes with things we're storing and things we're taking with us, washing clothes, and ripping other CDs to her Mac (for later iPod use, I imagine).

Tomorrow at Aaargh'o'clock a removal truck will come and take everything from the garage to our storage unit, somewhere near Tullamarine (the truck is from the storage company, not an actual removal firm, so they don't take stuff downstairs, hence the moving-stuff-downstairs frenzy). After that we have to turn our place (which currently looks remarkably like the aftermath of a hurricane) into something that potential future tenants might want to lease by the time the real estate company shows some people through on Tuesday afternoon. If we survive all that, we have to finish packing, start shipping stuff off, organise everything for our garage sale this Saturday and housecooling on Sunday and so forth, finalise all paperwork and stuff, and get this place cleaned up by the 13th (Thursday week). And then we fly out on the 16th and arrive in sunny Edinburgh on the 20th, just in time for our well-deserved nervous breakdowns :-)
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Date:May 2nd, 2004 03:52 pm (UTC)
My, aren't we the busy one? Actually last time I moved house I decided it was all a bit too much for me and contacted a cleaning company. They sent out a little man who specialised in cleaning rental properties (so he knew what to do to ensure I received my band back). Once I took the garden hose away from him he did an excelent job. The money was well worth the stress I avoided.

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