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More random wandering in Edinburgh - He's just this guy, you know.

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May 13th, 2003

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12:44 pm - More random wandering in Edinburgh
Hmmm, quite a few days to catch up on. On Thursday we went randomly shopping, then decided to hunt down a fish & chip shop in Leith (near the docks), since that seemed the logical place to find such a thing. We found a few upmarket seafood restaurants, but decided that main courses at £12-20 weren't really what we were after, and wandered on down Leith Walk. Eventually, near the city, we found some fish & chip
shops and grabbed some dinner.

On Friday, we had lunch with my cousin, Will, then went wandering up and did a tour of the Castle (a fairly short one, since it was raining), then in the nearby Observation Tower, and finally in a Woolen Mill.

One interesting thing we saw in our wandering - "The Dalmeny Bar". I was tempted to take a photo to send to dalmeny ...

On Saturday, we had lunch with cousin Will and his wife Sue, plus other cousins Alison and Douglas, and their sons Ian and Scott, with an appearance from Will & Sue's 5-month old baby, Milly (or Millie ?).

On Sunday, we wandered around again through the Old Town, went on a walk up to Calton Hill, then took a tour of some vaults under one of the bridges in the Old Town.

And finally yesterday, we came in to town, bought some touristy things, went up to the Royal Mile again and bought some kilt accessories (last year, in January, Lisa and I went to Tasmania, and in a small town somewhere between Hobart and Launceston, there was a Scottish Shop, and I bought a kilt in MacKay tartan there - so of course I had to get the accessories to go with it :-> ). After that, we picked up our rental car, which turned out to be a Volvo wagon - apparently we were taking advantage of some special which meant that we got a car a category above the original one, and we had a discount from when we bought the plane tickets as well ... We went for a little drive, and ended up in a town called Dunbar, which has castle ruins which apparently date from the 9th century.

Today's plan involves more random driving around the countryside, and tomorrow, it's off to Perth (via Stirling and its castle) for us.
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Date:May 13th, 2003 06:13 am (UTC)
"The Dalmeny Bar".

Well, like all wombles I'm named after a place so there were fair odds that such a place existed. Pity you didn't take a photo. I remember wandering around Poitiers with dmw and finding a small cafe called "Le Glasgow". The photo caused much hilarity for my Glaswegian parents.

tomorrow, it's off to Perth (via Stirling and its castle) for us.

Haven't seen much of Perth, but we thought Stirling Castle was great. Stirling's also where my mum's side of the family is from. My family used to own a fishmongers there and it's where my beloved Great Aunt May is buried. Give her a wave while you're there for me?

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