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June 6th, 2004

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06:25 pm - Hmmm, what to say ?
rwrylsin has already written about most of our recent exploits. In summary, rwrylsin has a job, we've applied for a flat in Glasgow (which is in reasonable walking distance of the 2005 WorldCon site), and I'm heading back for an informal interview with another department at the company where rwrylsin will be working. Wheee. Meanwhile, today we went for a very touristy walk, up and around Edinburgh castle. Ironically, of the 21 castles we saw on our holiday here last year, we probably had the least satisfying tour around Edinburgh castle, because it was cool and raining, and we only had an hour or so to run around the place. This time was much better, we wandered through all of the various exhibits and around the battlements (Mmmm, battlements), and took a bunch of photos of the place in sunshine (actual sunshine !).

Yesterday we went to the house of my cousin Will & his wife Sue and daughter Millie, for a BBQ lunch and a nice walk through the nearby fields (the house is a few miles from Polmont, and they have a nice sized block of land with lush green forest and nice lawn areas). A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon, even if we did get a little sunburnt (us Aussies should know better :) ).

Next week, a little move to Glasgow, and some frantic furniture buying to keep us going. Wheeeee.
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