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A Condensed version of the last few days ...

Wheee, this'll be fun. I have 30-ish minutes to try to fit in all the stuff we've been doing before I get auto-logged out of this PC (supposedly a warning comes up a few minutes before that happens, but I've seen the warning come up 10 seconds before the logout).

So, on Monday we were waiting for phone calls, hopefully with good news. The first good news was that we were accepted for the flat we'd applied for, so we're now based in Partick, Glasgow. Also, I got a call for an informal interview from another team in the same company as my earlier interview.

Tuesday was a busy day. We took a train to Glasgow, and went to our new flat to finalise the lease arrangements at 2pm. At 4pm, I had an interview, although I don't think anything will come of it (I haven't been keeping up with the buzzwords products they use, apparently). After that, we went shopping ! Out to a large shopping centre at Braehead, which had a large number of "home-maker" type stores, an Ikea, plus a shopping mall full of normal shopping mall-type things. We skipped the mall and started looking for things to fill our flat with. Nothing greatly tempted us in the electronics or general homewares stores, so we went and browsed through the Ikea. As always, this isn't something that can be done quickly, even if you're not buying anything, and we were going berserk. We ended up with a sofa bad, to be delivered in a week or so, desks for Lisa and me, coffee table, lights, shelves, and a small bookcase for the hallway, and arranged for it all to be delivered to our flat (since we were doing the public transport thing). Left there after 10pm, to catch a bus back into the city centre, so we could get our train back to Edinburgh, and of course got back very very late. Ended up eating dinner at around 1am, because we were leaving the serviced apartment and had food needing to be finished off in there.

On Wednesday we had to be up early, so we could pack up and leave by the check-out time, and so I could run off and hire a car to take all our stuff (which seems to have multiplied in only 3 weeks; ok, we started with 4 cases and 2 backpacks, and 2 more boxes which I posted arrived since then, but where did the other 7 bags and 2 boxes of stuff come from ?). The car turned out to be a manual, so I had to call rwrylsin to get her to drive it (why do manual transmissions still exist ?), then we loaded up the car (very full!) and set off for Glasgow. We unloaded at the flat ( our flat now, yay !), then set out shopping again. First to a nearby bedding store, where we bought (wait for it) a bed, for delivery today (Thursday, in case the timezone thing gets tricky). After that, back out to Braehead, where this time we hit the mall as well as the homewares stores and Ikea, getting a bunch of random household things, TV, microwave, vacuum, kettle, cutlery, crockery, and lots of other stuff (another car full). We got that lot all home and unloaded by around 10pm, then set about dinner (another late one).
After that, we made our "bed" (being a quilt and a sheet on the floor, with pillows), and managed to get a reasonable sleep (must have been tired or something).

So, today we were up early again (argh !), since we had to return the car to Edinburgh (we were supposed to arrange for Glasgow return, but two different people handled the renting, and one of them must have missed it). On the way there, I had to phone the bed warehouse to arrange a delivery time. Of course, they wanted to deliver it this morning, when we would be 40 miles away, so I arranged for them to deliver back to the bedding shop again - after all, it was in walking distance from the flat, how hard could it be to pick it up from there ? (ooh, see the innocence and naivety !) We changed address with the bank while in Edinburgh, then leapt on the train back here (both feeling sugar lows; fortunately one of the easiest afflictions to treat in the UK), so to await our Ikea delivery and the suprise lounge window replacement that someone had phoned us about while we were on the train back. The Ikea stuff duly came and is now half unpacked, and the lounge window has been nicely replaced, and here we are, finally catching up with the Net (skip=150 before I got to the end of LJ reading), and about to head back home for dinner.

Whew. Let's hope tomorrow is quieter (errr, apart from another trip to Edinburgh, wheeee :-).

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