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Castles, ahoy !

Ok, another week has passed us by, I'll try to remember what we've been doing.

We left Edinburgh, did indeed stop by Stirling castle (very impressive, similarly situated on a large outcrop of rock in the centre of town to Edinburgh castle, but there's a bit more to see of the castle) on the way to Perth. From Perth, we roamed the nearby countryside, and saw a couple of castles, and also caught up with my cousin, Isobel, and her kids.

We drove from Perth to Aberdeen, with another castle stop, and a stop at Abroath Abbey on the way, had dinner with more of my relatives (various levels of cousins, variously removed), and slept. The next day, we were off castle-hunting again, visiting one or two more before heading to Braemar, where we'd be spending a couple of nights.

From Braemar, we went walking in the mornings, and castle-hunting in the evenings, and then drove south to Fintry, about 25km (by windy, twisting roads) from Glasgow. In Fintry, instead of visiting a castle, we were staying in one - Castle Culcreuch, built in about 1320, and now converted to a hotel. We stayed in the "Napier Room", where John Napier (mathematician, inventor of logarithms) once stayed (the castle was at one time owned by his son, Robert Napier). From there we went for a trip to Glasgow, a couple of walks nearby, and lazed around as much as possible.

We left there and left Scotland behind too - after a quick lunch stop at Dumfries,
we went on into England to a town called Keswick. We stayed there overnight, then went on to Penrith and the nearby Weatheriggs Country Pottery - home of the Pocket Dragons. After Penrith, it was off south again - first to Chester, for a quick lunch stop and walk around the Roman town wall (still surrounds most of the town centre). We left Chester and headed West, into Wales and to the city of Bangor, and to stay with Anna Croft for a couple of nights. Yesterday, we went for a walk around some of Bangor, and today we drove many places, including Conwy Castle (for a detailed look), past Mt Snowdon, near Dinas Emrys, and past lots of beautifully green scenery. Finally, we drove over to Anglesey, ate, walked around the outside of Beaumaris Castle, and now it's time to do a little catching up on e-mail and suchlike.

Meanwhile, if you're over here - beware the gulls ! They have Giant Mutant Killer Seagulls around here - I bought lunch (a sausage roll :-> ), and we walked down towards the beach in Conwy. I was getting ready to take a bite, and SWOOSH ! A seagull flew down, briefly perched on my arm, grabbed the sausage roll, and took off again. My poor lunch never had a chance :->

Anyway, tomorrow, the big (insane!) drive to London, around 400 miles and we want to be there by 4pm. More updates later ...

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