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Webcomics !

Yay. finally caught up on all of the webcomics I used to follow (and, errr, also read all of "Queen of Wands" and "Casey and Andy", just, er, because), but haven't been able to see much of while we were Without Net[tm] (ooooh).

I follow the following comics at the moment (with others to come, no doubt) :

The Dilbert Zone
Sluggy Freelance
Kevin & Kell
w00t Comic
Something Positive
Something Positive - New Gold Dream
Queen of Wands
Joy of Tech
Irregular webcomic
Casey & Andy
User Friendly
Sexy Losers

ETA : Of course, I'm still at "start=1810" in catching up with SlashDot . Something for a rainy day ... (so I'll be caught up in no time).

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