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Ooops, wrong timezone .... - He's just this guy, you know.

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June 1st, 2003

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10:25 am - Ooops, wrong timezone ....
So, we're back. Arrived Thursday and got home sometime after midnight. After unpacking and unwinding we got to bed at 1:30ish (Lisa) and 3:30ish (me), respectively, which wasn't too bad (not far off normal weekend times :-> ). We woke around 1:30pm on Friday, ran around doing shopping and stuff, went to MSFC, and then back home again. Lisa went to bed around 3am, and wasn't asleep by the time I got to bed at 5:30ish. We both eventually got to sleep, then woke up at around 4pm on Saturday - in other words, much closer to UK time than Australian. We had two choices for dealing with this - try to get to bed at 2-3ish Saturday night, then get up in reasonable time Sunday, then get to bed at a normalish time, or "wrap around" - stay awake all night and through Saturday until 10pm Sunday night or so, then go to bed and get up for ... argh, work ! ... on Monday morning. Plan B is the way we're going, and so far (11am-ish Sunday) it seems to be working. Of course, it could just condition us to a 36-hour day, which would be rather unfortunate.
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(En garde !)

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