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A week (or so) in the life ....

Hmmmm, stuff seems to be happening.

For example,

Tuesday 8th, work, then cycled to VRI, fenced for an hour or so, rode home.

Wednesday 9th, work, then MSFC committee meeting in the evening.

Thursday 10th, work, then cycled to VRI, fenced, rode home.

Friday 11th, work, then grabbed quick dinner, went to Continuum, caught up with
various people, saw a couple of panels, went to The Mega-Panel (it was ... well,
Mega, and lots of fun). After that, went away to prepare a poster and copy some
fliers for MSFC for the table in the Hucksters' Room for Saturday - ended up
getting everything ready and going to the 24-hour Kinko's at about 2:00 am, and
leaving sometime after 2:30.

Saturday 12th. Got up on Saturday morning (yes, in the actual am !)
to be at the Hucksters' Room by 10, and stayed on the table until 1ish, and hung
around a bit after that (got tempted into buying lots of books - thanks Fahrenheit,
Slow Glass, and others :-) ). After that, went to various panels (mostly a blur
in my memory now, might post more details separately), changed into clothes that
were meant to look vaguely Blake's 7ish (no character in particular, just the sort
of things that an extra on B7 might have worn) (and it worked, at least 4 people
asked us (Lisa and I) if we were from B7 in some way), and went to Maskobalo. At
11ish, I took Lisa home, then headed back for the tail end of Maskobalo, then
random hanging around in the fan lounge, and at the Chronopolis room party (well, I
assume it was Chronopolis, there were lots of Perth fen there). Finally left there
after 4am, escaped the fan lounge at about 4:30am - and then the car wouldn't start !
Fortunately, the RACV still help at that time of the morning, and someone came
along and poked the starter motor with a big stick to get me going again (!), and
I got home and into bed sometime around 5:30.

Sunday 13th. Got up somehow not long after 8am (well, 8:30ish), and managed (after trying to start the car and failing) to run down and catch a train to get to the Con in time to see the Invader Zim panel. After that, mostly lurked around and talked to people - I had vaguely meant to go to at least one or two other panels, but it just didn't happen. More panels in the afternoon, and then the Con was over (noooooo !). We went home, since we were expecting a visit from Lisa's sister, Kristy, and got off the train just in time to get a call from Kristy who had arrived at our place. One quick drive later, and we were home and ready to collapse ...

Monday 14th. ... and then we went in the evening to learn to dance (traditional ballroom style). We learned the basics of the waltz, tango, foxtrot, rumba and cha cha cha (very basics, no style or fancy moves yet !), and we'll be back again next week.

Tuesday 15th. Work, and fencing again.

Wednesday 16th. Work, and then a meeting of random Con-goers and Con Committee people at the Pancake Parlour.

Thursday 17th. Work so far, and fencing to come, assuming my bike is ready from repairs.

Days to come will include a Night Market at MSFC tomorrow night, and helping at the Novice Fencing Tournament, run by Monash Uni, all weekend. Dancing on Monday, fencing on Tuesday, and finally, next Wednesday night - is free ! (so far !).


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