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Catching up again ...

So, 12 days have passed by in a daze.

On Friday the 18th, it was the Night Market at MSFC. Lisa and I have made the leap to DVD, so I took along a bunch of VHS tapes, plus my old scanner and monitor, and attempted to sell them. Alas, no takers for the complete series of Babylon 5, or even one season, but I did sell a number of Danger Mouse tapes, and various movies and things. While I was there, Lisa was busy running the individual men's and women's sabre, plus a team competition, at the Monash Novice Fencing Tournament.

On Saturday and Sunday, I went along to Monash to help with the Novice tournament, mostly by presiding epee competitions - women's (individual and team) on the Saturday, men's (indiv. and team) on the Sunday. Both days saw a good variety of fencing, and some exciting bouts - the women's final was locked at 14-14 at the end of normal time (3 periods of 3 minutes), and needed a sudden-death extra minute to resolve. The semi-final of the men's team competition, with a combined Monash/Brisbane team against ANU, also had an exciting finish. The score was 43-42 (to Monash/Bris.) in the last minute, but the ANU fencer scored with 2 seconds remaining to level at 43-all. Both fencers scored right at the end of time to level at 44-all, and the ANU fencer had priority going into the extra minute. After 30 or so very tense second, Monash's Steve Smith scored the hit and won the bout (and I went off to collapse in a corner for a while :-) ).

On Monday (the 20th) Lisa and I went dancing again, spending most of the lesson trying to remember what we'd covered in the previous lesson (having had no time to practice anything).

Tuesday took me to fencing again, with a very quiet night at training, since most of the fencers who normally train at VRI had been in Sydney that weekend for "Challenge Australia", a fencing World Cup event - which had around 155 fencers in the men's epee, and 130+ in the women's, making it positively huge (especially compared to previous events run in Australia).

Wednesday was ... free ! At last ! I can't remember what I did :)

Thursday was fencing again, and packing for ... a ski trip !

On Friday, we got up in reasonable time, picked up a 12-seater hire bus, and gathered various fencers and co-workers for a ski trip to Mt Hotham. The trip up took far longer than expected, after delays on the South Eastern Freeway, and various stops along the way for food and snow chains and so on, but we got there by around 11:00 pm, and got settled in to our apartment.

On Saturday we got up, and four of us went to get equipment for cross-country skiing (the other six of us were maniacs ... errr, downhill skiers :-> ). Amazingly enough, my balance and coordination proved to be up to the task of staying upright on skis, at least for short distances, and by the end of the day I was feeling quite good (still managing to fall off at fairly regular intervals, but having fun anyway).

Sunday brought more skiing, more falls and more fun (yes, falling face-first into nice fluffy snow is fun ;-> ), and then, alas, we had to return our equipment and get ready for the drive home. We managed to leave at around 4pm, dined in Wangaratta at about 6pm, and had everyone dropped off at their respective homes or cars and ourselves home by midnight. Whew !

Monday passed by in a bit of a daze at work, and then dancing again at night, followed by grocery shopping. And that's me up to date !

Meanwhile, Lisa has designed the wedding invitations and picked out paper, we've both picked out envelopes, and any day now we'll be sending out the invitations.

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